3/18/2010 1:13:00 PM

The team’s preparations for the match against Napoli: today at Milanello there was a morning training focused on matches. In the group also Pato, Antonini, Mancini for Abate. Fever for Borriello.

(on the photo, a phase of the match on 16 March 2010 at Milanello)

MILANELLO – After yesterday’s positive double training, the Rossoneri team continued its preparation today at Milanello with a morning training.

The players came together in the dressing rooms at 11.00, to start work at 11.30. The session was played on the raised pitch and lasted around an hour.

The first part saw the team involved in a warm-up without the ball: running, stretching, and athletic exercises.

At the end the ball was introduced and the players had around 15 minutes of ball possession, 9 against 9.

Leonardo made his team play four matches of five minutes each, first with three touches, then two, and finally one with free touches.

In the group were also Pato, Mancini, Antonini and Abate, regularly with their team mates. 

Alessandro Nesta has made his return to Milanello after coming back from the Villa Stuart clinic in Rome. The defender was cured in the morning.

Marco Borriello didn’t train: the striker has the flu and had to rest.

cr : ac milan official site


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