3/16/2010 4:29:00 PM

The thought is still there, to the moment when David was forced to leave the pitch. All the Milan fans hope to see Becks back as soon as possible to express their warmth, meanwhile their affection comes through with the SMSes.

MILAN – The hearts of all Rossoneri fans continue to beat for David Beckham and there are numerous messages, thoughts, reflections which have reached Milan’s official communication media. Here are some of them:

Go David seven million Milan fans still want to see you in a Rossoneri shirt, don’t give up – Renzo.
Ieri Beck showed the world why he is a “Sir”. With a broken heel hopped for 30 meters toward the bench during a dangerous counterattack by Chievo. I struggle to find the words to describe how proud I am of what this champion has given us. – Ale.
Beckham, a great professional, a humble lad and a great footballer. David has shown he loves our colors and fought like a lion as long as he was on the pitch, “as if he was born in our youth sector” as has been rightly said – Federico.
A great hug to David Beckham, who sacrificed his Achilles’ Heel, the end of the season, the World Cup for yesterday’s victory: certainly not just a showman. These last 10 games must be dedicated to him – Ivan.
It’s rare that a person can win you over so much and in such a short period of time as Beckham did with all of us; that’s why we hope he will return as soon as possible on the pitch, perhaps again with our shirt, to show everyone once again that appearences aren’t everything. FORZA DAVID! – Daniele.
If there was still a place in my heart, filled by over 40 years of joys and disappointments given to me by the Rossoneri men, this place has been occupied by DAVID. I cry and pray for HIM because he fought for our shirt like few, he gave up a dream but he has already won the World Cup in our hearts. He’s a man who doesn’t betray, who still has the courage to dream, who still has the strength to re-emerge and that’s not nothing in today’s world – Bartolomeo
Now that the tension and adrenaline of the match has gone I have a sense of sadness for David’s injury as it will be keep him off the pitch for a long time – Marco.
My best wishes for a quick recovery for David Beckham: unfortunately he won’t be present in this final rush, I really hope that at the end of the season can have something great to dedicate to him – Tarcisio.
A great thought for Beckham, a great professional, who came into the Milan team as if he had always been there – Maria Rita.

These are just a few and more will come in the next few days.


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