[milan news] we dont give up

The defeat at Parma hurts, Milan self-criticise but don’t dramatise. Against Lazio there will be some important absences but the Rossoneri will want to react.

PARMA – At the end of the match against Parma here are the considerations of the Rossoneri players:

Zambrotta: “It was tough, against a team in good form, we tried, but it didn’t go well. We are still ready to fight, the league still gives us a lot of opportunities. The defeat hurts, we’ll evaluate it, but there will be the direct encounter between Roma and Inter, we’re playing at home so we’ll have the chance to get closer, the league is long, at the end of every season there are always surprises. Lately we’ve been struggling to score, this is the situation and we’ll evaluate it with our coach.”

Abbiati: “Parma did better than us, they waited for us and attacked us and we didn’t manage to play our game. Today it didn’t go well, I made a bad goal kick, I don’t have problems admitting it, Morrone recovered the ball and scored. We still have to believe in it, let’s think about Lazio, even though we’ll have some suspended players. We’ll miss fundamental players like Pirlo and Ronaldinho but the desire to win will be strong, we never give up, the race is still open.”

Inzaghi: “We tried to win this match in every possible way. We had a good chance, I tried a lob but it didn’t go in. Already the draw wouldn’t have been very useful and then came also Bojinov’s goal. Today the referee was a bit nervous, but let’s not think about that, let’s think about ourselves. Now we have to win against Lazio, train well and win, that’s the only road. The race is open, we have to get closer to Roma or Inter but we have to get three points against Lazio, who are in form.”


cr : acmilan


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