[milan news] after match lazio vs milan


3/29/2010 12:12:00 AM

The Rossoneri group isn’t thinking about giving up in adversity. The lads aren’t looking at alibis and only think about staying competitive, the top isn’t so far and the injured players will return.

MILAN – Here are the comments of the Rossoneri protagonists against Lazio:

ANTONINI: “We are disappointed, in the second half we played on their half, we lost some important points. It was a nice duel with Lichtsteiner, I did well, the goal was an unlucky bounce, Mauri gave the ball to Lichtsteiner, I read the situation in a certain way, maybe I could have let it pass but I wanted to clear it away. I’m also not lucky in front of goal, after Manchester and tonight’s crossbar, too bad. It was important to steal the ball to restart with Pippo and Borriello up front, we had chances but we lacked the final touch. Undoubtedly the injuries are conditioning us, but we have to fight and try to score goals. The pitch did not help us tonight, we often slipped, but they’re details. We believe in it, we are Milan. Ronaldinho? He gives me reference points, he wasn’t there but who replaced him did well.”

ZIGONI: “My debut was a great emotion, too bad about the result, we only lacked the goal, we played a good match. There are many absences, we did what was possible to replace who wasn’t there. Against Cagliari it won’t be easy, but the league isn’t finished.”

AMBROSINI: “There’s regret, but we aren’t going through a bad moment, it’s unusual, but the top isn’t far, we are just three points behind. We are sad, it’s normal, we all want to aim high, but from Tuesday we’ll go back to work with conviction.”

cr : acmilan

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